• Who We Are
    Who We Are

Who We Are

Compelled by faith in Jesus Christ, the mission of Emmaus Homes is to enrich the lives of individuals of all beliefs, with cognitive or developmental disabilities, by fostering independence, inclusion, and self-advocacy.

Our goal is to help our clients live as independently as possibly in the community of their choice. Our Core Values are at the heart of Emmaus Homes’ identity and guide every aspect of our work.


Core Values

  1. Customer Centered

    Customer Centered

    We demonstrate customer centered behavior in many ways, including assessing and responding to varying needs, obtaining feedback from stakeholders, and building long-term relationships to provide the best customer service.
  2. Integrity


    We have high standards of personal conduct. We may work in many different situations and with various groups of people, so it is of utmost importance that individuals behave with dignity and respect.
  3. Initiative


    We go beyond what is asked of us, complete tasks with high standards, acting independently, adapting to various circumstances, and we persist when faced with obstacles. We value a process of continuous learning, seek feedback from others and are ready to act on information received.
  4. Collaboration


    We work well with others to achieve common goals. We are part of a broader group that maximizes the best outcomes for customers, both internal and external to the organization.

Our History

Emmaus Homes was founded in 1893 by ministers of the German Evangelical Synod of North America, one of the predecessor bodies of today’s United Church of Christ. Since our inception, Emmaus has grown to be an industry leader by setting an example for best practices and quality services. Learn more...


Emmaus Leadership

Emmaus Homes’ leadership team has over 115 years of combined non-profit experience and more than 90 years working in the developmental disabilities field. Their expertise paired with a diverse Board of Directors ensures our mission and vision are lived out in our everyday services. Learn more...