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About Emmaus’ Shared Living Host Homes


What is Shared Living?

Emmaus Homes offers opportunities for a shared life, called Host Homes. A Host Home is an arrangement where an individual(s) with a disability chooses to live with an individual, couple or family. The individual with a disability moves in with the caregiver to share the home and receive supports. After choosing Shared Living, Emmaus will work with the team to determine type of supports desired. The host provider employs their own staff to provide relief as needed, such as; family, close friends, or Emmaus employees.                        

Who Can Provide Shared Living?

Anyone who wants to share life with an individual with a disability. Single parents, empty nesters, families, etc...
There is an initial matching process to find a Host Home. Emmaus focuses on lifestyle preferences, cultural values, family/friend involvement, compatibility with animals and children, and more.
Once a match is found - visits, transition meetings, equipment needs, and modifications are scheduled if needed.

Becoming a Host Home

Shared Living incorporates the individual into your activities and routine, which may adapt for community inclusion. The Host Home caregiver must obtain and stay current on training. Emmaus offers these at no cost and provides ongoing support.

The amount of paperwork is less than in normal “placements”. With the emphasis on being a home and family environment, it is Emmaus’ job and DMH’s intent to reduce the amount of paperwork and overhead so the host and individual can spend more time living and less time documenting. Same medical documentation requirements- annual physical, PPD, eye, etc. Also EMTs must still be documented and submitted for designated events.

Emmaus provides stipends to setup any necessary technology.


Rate of Pay is determined by the individual’s needs while there is monthly payment for supports, room & board. A Host Home receives 140-250 hours of relief staff per month.

Apply To Be A Host Home

Or to learn more contact 636.534.5200
Jody Martin -martinjo@emmaushomes.org
Erika Rodriguez - rodrigueze@emmaushomes.org