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Tiffany Summers

Home Manager

Why Do I Love My Job at Emmaus?

I have been at Emmaus for 13 years total and I absolutely LOVE my job! A lot of times it feels more like hanging out with Family then actually working!

It’s always a good time coming to work and being with the guys. I am a Home Manager at Greenfield and the staff there are amazing, and they take very good care of the guys there. The Guys at Greenfield are also wonderful to be around. They are very upbeat and almost always will greet you with a smile and a hug!

The staff is very good at caring for our clients and helping them understand things. We have lost two roommates within almost a year of each other, and the team has worked very well together to consul their roommates and talk with them to better help them understand the situation to the best of their ability. I couldn't ask for a better Job!


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