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The Bowling Experience

Emmaus Homes - Sunday, October 14, 2018

From a March 1967 Emmaus Messenger

Some new words have been creeping into the collective vocabulary of our Men's Building recently: spare, strike, head pin, score, split, and average. The new words tell of a new experience. Since late last fall, twenty-eight of the Emmaus residents have enjoyed bowling twice a month at Town & Country Lanes in Washington, MO.

Interest and support from several directions have made this new sport possible. First, Les Unnerstall and Vern Triplett, proprietors of Town & Country Lanes, gave permission to use their facilities on certain weekday mornings. Then, a group of men from St. Peter's Church, Washington, volunteered to "bowl along", acting as companions and helpers for the Emmaus team. Sine that time, men from St. Paul's Church, Marthasville, and Femme Osage Church have also helped, and provided transportation as well.

And finally, the continuing financial support of local churches, organizations and individuals has enabled us to pay the regular fees involved in this program.

Scores and averages are kept and posted in the Building. Thus, the enjoyment continues throughout the week, as the men have a chance to "re-live" their latest games. The form exhibited ranges from "orthodox" to "highly individual". The posted scores and averages also vary quite a bit. But, some things remain the same: the smiles on all faces, the cheers for a strike or spare, the sighs that accompany a gutter ball, and the question, "When do we go again?"


This story fits in well with our Self-Advocacy theme this month! Due to the diligent collaboration and effort from many generous volunteers, clients were able to go bowling when they wanted. It is easy to relate to the past times as we continue to work together with several groups to accomplish our mission of providing the utmost quality support for our clients. That often goes beyond direct care as we help our clients with the freedom to do what they want and learn about new things on their very own.

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