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Romana's Family at Emmaus

Emmaus Homes - Wednesday, November 07, 2018


How long have you been with Emmaus?
My name is Romana Rice, I have been with Emmaus 12 years as of 6/06.

Your Family: Name, relation, how long they’ve been with Emmaus?
Ronethia Curtis who has been with Emmaus for over 20 years. She started working as a DSP moved to Home Manager and now in Admin/Training.
How did they introduce you to Emmaus or how did you introduce them to Emmaus?
I introduced my sister to this field in the early 90’s, but she introduced me to Emmaus in late 90’s, I have been in this field of work since 1995, I started working as a Hab Tech (DSP) in Illinois, on the midnight shift. I instantly loved the clients. I knew then this was my career (not job!). I quickly moved up the ladder to become the Team Leader (Home Manager) for 5 years. Once I completed my Associates degree in 2006, my sister told me about Emmaus. What intrigued me was Emmaus was the same work as I was doing, just on a larger scale. I knew it was a great opportunity for me to show my skills and be an advocate on a grand scale. So I came to apply for a Home Manager position, but once I was in the interview they saw my quality and offered me another position in Admin. I accepted, and became an Emmaus team member 6/06.
What does it mean to you knowing your family works at Emmaus?
It is a great honor to work with my family. I know that Emmaus has great quality people that are true advocates of our Mission (From faith in Jesus, we Emmaus can enhance lives) and I feel relieved to know my daughter has a rewarding job. We as a family carry our values 24/7. It really shows when we as a family take care of clients outside of Emmaus 8-hour shifts. We have had clients at our home for holidays and since we are family through blood and Emmaus we all work well together to provide the best care possible without effort.
What’s been a rewarding memory of working with family?
Our everyday collaboration is rewarding at Emmaus with ALL my family. I work with my sister in the office setting on the daily and her team walks around and introduces the new staff in orientation to all the office staff. Once she gets to me she first introduce me as her sister, then as the Facilities Analyst. So that within itself just makes me smile and very rewarding. She entrust in me to represent her as a sister and co-worker.
What stories do you talk about with family?
Through my sister and daughter, our family is blessed with spending more one-on-one time with clients. One client would spend weekends/holidays with our family. So this was a great reward to us and him. We still talk about how he loved the Thanksgivings more than any other holiday, especially the cranberry sauce.
What do you find most challenging about working with family?
Expectations are high when working with family that loves their job. My sister expectations of me was very high as I came to work behind her, just as my expectations of my daughter is high due to her mom and Aunt working in Administration. We expect her to abide by all policies and uphold the mission to the best of her ability. So it is a challenge when I see my sister/child faced with obstacles that they have to resolve and I can't assist.
What has surprised you most about working with family?
What surprised me the most is how well we work together to advocate for our clients. We are a family that is customer-centered and work well with the guardians/other caretakers, not just with our clients because we understand what it takes to provide quality care. Providing care with integrity shows our family's, and Emmaus', worth. We always seem to agree on best practices at work (LOL).
What do you wish other people knew about Emmaus?
Others, need to know how we have a true passion to fight/advocate for a community of people. We at Emmaus, operate and communicate as one big family. We hold our core values to the highest standards; Customer-Centered/Integrity/Initiative/Collaboration.
Anything else you’d like to add about your family at Emmaus?
We are so blessed to be a part of the Emmaus family! I would not want to work nowhere else.
#IAmEmmaus —happy 125th everyone!


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