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Emmaus Homes - Friday, December 07, 2018


"Our Deal Old Emmaus Home"
Poem by Lydia Brinkmann in 1943
When I came here to Emmaus
Just eighteen years ago,
I came that I might find some work
Among the "least of those."
For I was very sick at heart,
Discouraged and distressed.
And I had many troubles,
More than you would have guessed.
It isn't very easy
To fight against the dust.
I felt so worn and weary,
But I was glad to trust.
It did not take me long to see,
It helped me to forget,
When I saw so much misery,
I soon forgot to fret.
For there were many inmates,
So helpless, lame* and blind,
The homeless and the friendless,
Came here a home to find.
The staff a friendly group of girls,
Including my roommate
Well she and I somehow it seemed,
Could not co-operate.
She meant to be particular
And showed me how to clean.
That when she scrubbed the window sills
No varnish could be seen.
I tried to do the best I could,
For there was much to learn,
The temp'ratures and pulse to take,
And also dress the burn.
So often we'd get in a spot,
And say it can't be done,
But we would not give up the fight
Til victory was won.
There were the epidemics
Of measles, mumps and "Flu"
The awful scarlet fever
And tonsilitus too.
Or yes! We've had some bitter fights
In all these years it's true,
But there were many pleasant things,
That I would call true blue.
We have our little parties,
With colors bright and gay,
And then each month our meetings
The time we get our pay.
We also have vacation
And do need one so much
Freedom and recreation,
A different life as such.
When our three weeks are over,
We bid the folks Adieu,
And feel refreshed and happy,
While inmates welcome you.
Our Sundays we enjoy so much,
For it's a day of rest,
When we meet in our chapel,
To worship and be blessed.
There we can find the strength we need
As we go on life's way.
For we will have the faith and love,
If we but hope and pray.
For there are many burdens,
And crosses now to bear
But we will hope in glory,
To meet our Saviour there.
Give courage Lord, to carry on,
Thy work to do we pray.
Forgive us, Lord, Where we have failed
We need Thee, guide our way.
As days and months and years go by,
Till days on earth shall end,
God grant thy grace and mercy,
Save us, Eternal Friend. Amen.


*At the time it was written, what we consider people first language may bot be included.

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