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Neighborhood Children Donate Bicycle

Emmaus Homes - Monday, January 07, 2019

From a December 1969 Emmaus Messenger

In the last issue of the Messenger we mentioned that our faith in the rising generation was rekindled when a group of St. Charles youngsters donated to Emmaus the profits from their summer refreshment stand. They are no longer anonymous since we later learned that they belonged to the Dotson, Robinson, and Williams families on Duchesne Drive. We are happy to report that the spirit of compassion proved contagious.

Another group of youngsters from the Elmcrest neighborhood, in nearby suburban St. Charles, participated in a Bicentennial parade and they were awarded a sparkling, new bicycle for their efforts. Instead of keeping it for themselves, they happily came to Emmaus with it and, with a bit of a proper ceremony, presented it to our clients. They were accompanied by Mrs. Robert Grothe and other parents and, as you can see in the picture, many of them were dressed in the styles of long ago. Since our more able clients love to ride, this bicycle is very much appreciated and will receive a great deal of use.

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