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#IAmEmmaus: Lois Kruse

Emmaus Homes - Thursday, January 10, 2019

#IAmEmmaus: Lois Kruse

Emmaus has been a household word in my family as long as I can remember, and that’s back into the early to mid-1950s. Seeing the in-gathering of canned goods and produce at our church for Emmaus in the fall of the year made quite an impression. Church offerings for Emmaus, confirmation instruction about church missions and a class visit to Emmaus, being drawn into the Marthasville campus especially when a cousin was superintendent of that facility for many years – all made Emmaus so real, made it eminently clear that all are God’s children.

But, here’s the real “clincher,” the real reason that I am Emmaus: My mother was widowed when I was not yet three years old and my siblings were five and seven. Besides her three children she also cared for her handicapped brother and sister in our home. Money was very tight. Yet every year at Christmas she wrote a check for $10 to Emmaus. When her health was failing in the mid-1980s, she was asked why she without fail contributed to Emmaus. She replied that she had been advised never to have children because of chronic respiratory issues, the result of having measles in 1912. Against the advice she had been given, she gave birth to three healthy children. She knew that every Emmaus client was born a child with developmental issues, yet her three children had been born with no developmental issues. Out of gratitude she contributed her “widow’s mite” to Emmaus.


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