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#IAmEmmaus: Tina, Owner of Dutzow Deli

Emmaus Homes - Thursday, December 20, 2018

Which came first – Emmaus or the Deli?

Emmaus October 1990
Deli February 2003
In what ways have you, the deli and your employees given our clients a more inclusive experience?
We definitely puree meals as needed. I hear my son Joe (Manager/Cook) is the best at pureeing! We also offer alternatives to meal options based upon an Individual’s needs. My thought process is that as long as we have the product in the kitchen, we will make you whatever you want! Sometimes I drive the cook nuts by doing this, but I like to give personal service to our customers. My staff also get to know the individuals and know what meal needs they have. They know if someone should have ice or no ice in their drink. If they need an extra cup or plate.
Something I noticed just this week; as Emmaus staff was leaving our Deli and pushing an individual in a wheelchair, my staff held open the door for them, and the look of surprise on the staff person was priceless!
Have any Emmaus clients ever gotten more involved, or have you done something special or specific for someone?
Quite frequently we host birthday parties or special get-togethers for some of the individuals. I will send you a video clip from Randy W.’s birthday party this year. We have also supported Betsy when she was fund raising for her Miss Amazing contest by selling her handmade note cards. Before Betsy came to join Emmaus she always came in with her family and on some occasions, she would help us roll silverware when we were busy!
Terry P., client of Emmaus, loves for me to bring him to the restaurant to eat. We all know Terry loves to go out to eat! In the past, he would help by bussing our table and taking his dishes to the kitchen. Terry used to work in the kitchen on the Emmaus campus years ago doing dishes, so he always likes to help doing that. So when he was at the deli, I would let him run a load of dishes! That would make him so happy. A lot of our individuals know my family and always ask about them. Some even know what kind of sports car my husband has! Ron K. always ask me if ‘my old man’ still has that sports car!
Tell us about the Emmaus Marthasville group that visits the deli on a reoccurring basis…
The group that is visiting the deli on a regular basis is part of the LINC activities group. I try to get there every other month and socialize with them. I was just there yesterday and had conversations with most all of them. Lee S. is always quite the conversationalist! Tricia H. loves to joke and Betsy is always so polite. I got a big hello from Debbie D. and Evelyn. Laura F. wanted to make sure we had chili and that is what she ordered. Teddy (Ted) even conversed to the fact that he was hungry. I always know Randy W. is happy because when he gives me a ‘five’ that means he had a good meal!
Usually when I stop by Emmaus’ homes, I will give the clients a small dessert like an ice cream cup, cake or something else. When Randy had his birthday party at our location, I made sure we all had some ice cream to go with the birthday cake! For the December group I gave away 5 - $5 gift certificates. We had a little drawing and it made for some good fun!


Is there anything you would like to add that you want people to know about the Dutzow Deli?
Just that we are a family orientated business and look forward to serving everyone that is looking for a good home-cooked meal! My staff are excellent at knowing each customer and what they order and/or enjoy eating. I have some staff that will have your drinks ready when you walk through the door and your order placed before you sit down. Granted that doesn’t work for everyone, but we have several customers that their order never changes!


A very special thanks to Tina for sharing her #IAmEmmaus story! Be sure to check out the Dutzow Deli for your next breakfast or lunch. To learn more about Tina and the Dutzow Deli, visit their website HERE!

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