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Gaining a Mother's Trust

Emmaus Homes - Sunday, May 13, 2018

Written by Cherice Rodgers, Residential Service Manager

 As Nicole's mother, Sharon often lets Emmaus know how much she appreciates them and how she really trusts Emmaus to care for her daughter.

Before coming to Emmaus, Nicole didn’t talk or interact with her housemates. She’s grown so much since then. Now, not only does she talk but she also expresses to others that she loves them! She also interacts more with her housemates and enjoys going on outings with them.
Sharon explains, "Nicole now has a life that doesn’t require as much of my attention. This gives me a chance to comfortably travel out-of-town because I know that Nicole is in good hands".
Sharon is the biggest advocate for her daughter and she appreciates those working with Nicole because she knows Emmaus is also Nicole’s biggest advocate. Nicole was recently gifted a new recliner chair from Emmaus because her old chair was broken. Once Sharon found out about the wonderful gift that Emmaus provided for her, she was in tears because she was so thankful.
Home Manger Cherice also enjoys becoming a part of Nicole and Sharon’s family. “Nicole and her family are just wonderful and amazing and we are blessed to have them in our live at Emmaus. I remember the very first time that she came to visit her new house. She played "Just Dance" on the Xbox with her roommates and then ate dinner. After that visit, we knew that Nicole would be the perfect addition.”



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