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Emmaus Board Member: Albert Schlueter

Emmaus Homes - Friday, January 04, 2019

From the 1996 Emmaus Annual Report

Board member Albert Schlueter is not a relative or family friend of an Emmaus client, he is not a minister or a laity member of the United Church of Christ, nor did he grow up, currently live, or work in proximity to one of the historic Emmaus campuses. Rather Albert Schlueter's commitment to Emmaus developed in a less traditional way.

"I became acquainted with Emmaus and interested in its work because of Deane Ruppert," recalls Albert, who was a law partner with Deane's late husband Frank Ruppert, "it's hard to be around Deane and not get caught up in her enthusiasm for Emmaus." Albert remained close to Deane and interested in Emmaus after Frank's death. Subsequently, in 1992, he accepted a board appointment and agreed to serve as the board's vice president/president elect in 1996. He will serve as board president in 1997, which will start his second term.

"I enjoy being in the company of the people we serve at Emmaus including the employees and volunteers" he remarks, "their dedicated service to their maker and their fellow human beings is an incredible inspiration."

Emmaus Homes will continue to grow, will continue to improve its services to the people it serves, and will continue to attract selfless volunteers, generous donors, and quality employees because of the future experiences of others like Albert Schlueter's. He heard of the work of Emmaus from a friend. He nurtured it and it resulted in to a significant commitment and personal attachment to Emmaus.

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