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Celebrating Family: Ernst Wieler

Emmaus Homes - Wednesday, November 21, 2018

From a December 1962 Emmaus Messenger

She had not seen her older brother for a long time. She had been the oldest and he the youngest of the family, and as happens in families, they had become separated for a long time. She, through marriage, had gone to live in another state, later going even further north. Responsibilities for her own home and family left the years to themselves, and before she realized it, a very long time had passed. And now it happened that she could make a trip "East," and could stop at Emmaus.

Although strangers to each other, she was so happy to find her brother a member of this small community, well liked, with a place among his fellows. It seems that she had always lived with a little feeling of guilt, perhaps acquired in childhood from the attitude of others, since her brother had been "put away," and had accepted all the term seemed to imply. Now she found that he had not been dead to the world, but rather living in his special world that was really home to him. He had found security among his fellows and there was absolutely no desire to be anywhere else but what to him was home. Realizing this, she expressed with fervor the thought; "How thankful we are for Emmaus."

Her brother affectionately known as "good old Ernst" had been separated from the family when he was 19 years old. Now in his 79th year, he is still faithful in his more than 30-year job of bell ringer at the Emmaus Chapel each Sunday morning. He has made a definite contribution to the cooperative living at Emmaus. Life has not been a tragedy to him and in his 60 years at Emmaus he has made good use of his one talent in a limited community. We wish Mr. Ernst Wieler many more years of happy living!


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