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Bernie Walks By Himself!

Emmaus Homes - Saturday, October 06, 2018

From a June 1976 Messenger

"You should have seen him!" "I can't believe." "Did he really?" These are the kind of incredulous remarks that we hear among us these days at Emmaus. They reflect the surprise and joy that we share when persons make progress, when new milestones of accomplishment are reached.

We see that kind of surprising development in many ways. For example, the above comments were all made by various staff persons in recent weeks as "the grapevine" passed the word that Bernie was beginning to walk by himself. Bernie has lived at Emmaus a number of years, confined to a wheelchair because of spasticity in all his extremities.

This spring Rodney Ford, former attendant, began working full-time as a physical therapy aide, concentrating his time on Bernie, Mary, Violet and approximately 15 other persons, most of them severely handicapped, who it was felt could not benefit from regular physical therapy work. Ms. Mary Keller, RPT, of St. Francis Mercy Hospital in Washington, serves as the consultant. Each person is seen at the hospital by Ms. Keller, who then prescribes exercises, whirlpool, or devices according to the needs of the person. Rod Ford then carries out these prescriptions on a regular daily basis.

Last week "the grapevine" reported that someone had seen Bernie get up and out of the wheelchair by himself, before he began walking down the hall. Could that be true? What do you think?

Read Isaiah 35:5-10!

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